We take pride in delivering premier termite and pest control services to all of our customers.
Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

“Julian Gregory was the first service technician who treated our house.  He was great with my pets and daughter.  He took the time to explain how the treatments work, why they are safe for my family and even gave me some pointers on my landscaping.”

Brandy Davis

“To say the least, I was more than satisfied with the service and have renewed annually.  Each year, besides an annual treatment I see them regularly. When I see an insect or other pest, I simply call and speak to their staff or leave a message.  Calls are always answered within 24 hours and follow-up visits are scheduled immediately.  Their approach is not just to apply more chemicals, but rather to inspect thoroughly, locate the possible source of invasion, and identify the pest. Treatment is always specific to the need.”

Gerald F. Consuegra, Ph. D.

“I can’t say enough nice things about Julian.  He did a wonderful job on my house.  It was a real challenge because it had been vacant for years. Julian is professional, knowledgeable and extremely reliable.  I wish everyone was more like him. He’s terrific!”

Miriam Curran

“Pest Control Solutions has done our pest control for several years. Julian is wonderful, totally honest, reliable and just a pleasure to do business with.  I wouldn’t change my service for anything.”

Judy Blackburn

“Julian, I have appreciated your professionalism, promptness, good nature! I try not to “bug” you often, but am happy to know I can if need be!! Thanks!”

Valerie Ryder

“We’ve been with Julian for a number of years and are VERY PLEASED with his service, courteousness and attention to detail. He responds quickly to crises (and non-crises also). Our cat and granddogs love him too. In addition to being a pleasant, easy to get-to-know guy, he takes a great deal of pride in his knowledge and his work! Keep up the good work, Julian. We love you!”

Larry & Kathy Parkin

“Excellent service and Julian is only a phone call away!”

Georgia Barnes

“We have appreciated the services of Pest Control Solutions for over 15 years. They have never been further than a phone call away. Julian is a treasure and helped us through a terrible siege of fleas, has removed opossums and has gotten rid of ants all in addition to the yearly treatments. He is such a friendly, positive person that he is a pleasure to have service our home.”

Virginia Proulx

“I’ve come to rely on Mr Gregory for his reliable and professional service.”

Winnie Wilson

“I found Julian over a decade ago, and have used his services and referred him ever since.  Everyone is so pleased with his services, his good nature, knowledge, and willingness to go above and beyond to solve a problem.  I hate ants.  ”J” has kept me ant free which makes me a very happy client. Love you J-Man!”

Linda & Jeff Barchie

“Julian goes well beyond the other pest control services we have had in the past. He is thorough, courteous, conscientious and very professional. Thanks for keeping our home bug-free, Julian!”

Pam Dodson

“Thank you so much for coming today to do our pest control. I always feel so safe and pest-free after your work.

It is so awesome to have someone like you to depend on and be so thorough and efficient. I heard Gracie (pet dog) was estatic to see you. I told her in the morning you were coming and she cocked her head and ran to the door! So you have made quite the impression on her too!!”

Theresa Troolines

“We are very satisfied with your service.”

Anita & Jack Frost

“I have never had any problems with Pest Control Solutions. Treats us as if we are family.  Very thorough in each and every visit.

Renee Ross

“I have been a customer of Pest Control Solutions & Services, for many, many years. Over the years the service has remained excellent and prompt. The staff is always pleasant and willing to accommodate my needs.”

Beverly Skinner

“We are long time customers and appreciate the great service. We always have the same technician and we feel like family. We have a great personal relationship!

The client comments on the back of the brochure describe Julian to a “T”. He IS a treasure!

By far – the best company out there!”

Dennis &Faye Deloach

“Service provided was outstanding.  Kept all appointments and always punctual. Pesticides used corrected our problems in a matter of weeks.”

Granada Gates Apartments

“Thanks, Julian – Excellent work and my comments are posted on Angie’s list!  Thanks for making my life easier and stress free!”

Annie Miller

“Thanks Julian! Great Service as always!”

Mary Sue Oliver