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Are you searching for flea control services in Palm Harbor?

Fleas are insects that grow no bigger than ⅛ of an inch and feed on the blood of mammals, humans included. Fleas might infiltrate your house in Palm Harbor by riding on your socks and shoes, your cat or dog’s fur or the fur of a wild animal like a squirrel.

Because fleas are difficult to spot until they’ve multiplied, ridding your home of these parasites is almost impossible alone. Even if you do manage to kill all your fleas, their eggs can survive for a full year before hatching, meaning that you may be dealing with a new outbreak in the future. If you want to eliminate all of the fleas and flea eggs in and around your home in Palm Harbor, let the flea control professionals take the job.

Reliable Flea Control

If a flea infestation has broken out in your Palm Harbor home, Pest Control Solutions & Services will deploy one of our technicians to see what we’re up against. After we determine which areas of the house the fleas have spread through, we’ll customize our flea control strategy to exterminate all of the pests along with their eggs.

You can bring us in for either a single application or for a recurring flea control service. Our one-time application has a 90-day warranty but if you’re concerned about future flea outbreaks, you should sign up for our year-round flea control program. For this service, we’ll apply multiple flea control treatments inside and outside of your Palm Harbor home throughout the year.

Unrivaled Flea Control Services in Palm Harbor

Allowing fleas to spread through your household untreated is a recipe for disaster. Call Pest Control Solutions & Services today for the most effective flea control services in the Palm Harbor area!

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