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Fumigation Pricing

The price of fumigation is determined by measuring the cubic footage of your home.

Drywood Termite Fumigation

Are you looking for drywood termite control services in Largo?

If drywood termites decide to bore into your house in Largo, they can cause irreparable damage. Drywood termites feed on wood cellulose, and will hollow out wooden structures by eating it. Eventually, this may lead to a collapse.

If you’ve found drywood termites in your home in Largo or want to prevent an infestation, you should call an experienced termite control company.

Effective Termite Fumigation

Fumigation is the best way to handle a large-scale drywood termite infestation in a house in Largo. If your home is infested with drywood termites, Pest Control Solutions & Services will conduct an inspection to decide if we should fumigate. If we determine that fumigation is your best option, you will have to leave your house for 48 hours.

While you’re out, our licensed technicians will tent your home and fill it with Vikane gas, which has the ability to kill drywood termites inside your walls. After we’ve finished fumigating, our crew will inspect your property again to make sure the termites are all dead and you can return home safely.

If you have a termite infestation in an apartment or a single part of your home in Largo, we can respond with local treatments, an easier process which can be completed while you’re home. We utilize Bora-Care, a drywood termite pre-treatment which kills any pests that ingest it.

The Tampa Bay Area’s Top Termite Control

If drywood termites infest your home, they need to be stopped before they cause critical damage. Reach out to Pest Control Solutions & Services today for the best termite control and fumigation services in the Largo area!

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