Norway rat in the garden between grass blades

Rat Control & Removal in Largo, FL

Are you searching for rat control services in Largo?

If rats gnaw their way into your Largo home, they can cause all kinds of trouble. Rats are always chewing on drywall, insulation and anything else they can file their little teeth on. Rodents will even chew through wiring, which can cause power loss and fires.

Rats will urinate and defecate throughout your Largo house, which can be a big health hazard. These vermin can spread disease through their droppings as well as their saliva, and they also carry fleas, mites and ticks that can spread other illnesses.

If a rat infestation has sprung up in your Largo household, you need to deal with them before the problem grows out of hand. We can help with that.

Removing Your Rats

Pest Control Solutions & Services provides prompt rat removal and exclusion services to homes in the greater Largo area. Our specialists will work as quickly as possible to get your rat problem under control, beginning by finding their entry points. Since rats can fit through a hole as small as a quarter, we’ll be sure to seal up even the smallest cracks to exclude them.

After our exclusion treatments are finished, we move onto our removal services. Our technicians will strategically place baited traps throughout your Largo home to get rid of every rat that’s still inside.

When we’re confident that your home is rodent-free, our crew can leave bait boxes around the exterior of your house. This will allow us to cut back on your Largo neighborhood’s rat population and eliminate any vermin that tries to get back into your house.

Largo’s Most Reliable Rat Control Services

If allowed to multiply, an infestation of rats can compromise the safety and integrity of your home. Contact Pest Control Solutions & Services today for top-tier rat removal treatment services in the Largo area!

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