Norway rat in the garden between grass blades

Rat Control & Removal in Palm Harbor, FL

Are you looking for rat control services in Palm Harbor?

Rats are one of the most common and most troublesome pests found in Palm Harbor. They are always gnawing on their surroundings, which can be detrimental for your insulation, drywall and wiring. Rats chewing through wiring is a common cause of electrical fires and power outages.

Rats urinate and defecate regularly, which can lead to smelly messes on the floor and in the ducts of your Palm Harbor house. Worse still, their feces and their bites can both cause diseases, and they often carry disease-spreading pests like ticks.

If rats have invaded your Palm Harbor home, you need to get them under control before they make your household unsafe. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Solving the Rat Problem

Pest Control Solutions & Services offers reliable rat removal and exclusion services to residents of the greater Palm Harbor area. Once called to an infested home, our technicians will begin by looking for any holes or cracks as wide or wider than a quarter, and sealing them off. This will make sure even more rats don’t invite themselves into your home.

After we’ve excluded rats from entering your Palm Harbor house, we’ll begin our removal treatments for the pests that are still inside. Our experts will place traps strategically throughout your residence to neutralize the rodent threat before they wreak more havoc.

Once we’ve rid your home of rats, our team can position bait boxes around the perimeter to eliminate any more rats that try to sneak in. This optional treatment is great for curbing your Palm Harbor neighborhood’s rat population and preventing your home from being infested again.

The Greatest Rat Control Services in Palm Harbor

If you don’t seek professional help, rats can make an unsafe mess of your home in a matter of days. Call up Pest Control Solutions & Services today for reliable rat removal treatment services in the Palm Harbor area!

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