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Armadillos Appearance & Habitat

Armadillos are dark brown or grey, have a sharp sense of smell, armored shell, strong legs, and claws. They have long snouts, scaly tails, and teeth hidden in the backs of their mouths. Armadillos are found throughout Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco & Pinellas counties and cause lots of destruction to lawns and gardens as they root for grubs and insects to eat.

Signs of Armadillo Infestation

  • Shallow holes about 1-3 inches in depth and about 3-5 inches wide around your yard or garden
  • Sounds of digging in your garden or under your porch at night
  • Seeing an armadillo typically indicates their burrow is nearby

Armadillos Damage Homes

Armadillos are prolific burrowing pests, spending up to 16 hours a day digging networks of tunnels as they forage for ants and termites, their main source of food. Armadillos can cause some serious damage to your lawn, sidewalks, driveway, foundation, underground wire, and piping – leading to massive repairs. Armadillos aren’t territorial and sometimes nest in groups which can further increase the severity of the damage.

Armadillos Carry Disease & Parasites

Armadillos are generally docile are vectors for diseases and parasites. Armadillos have been known to carry a few different conditions harmful to humans, including rabies, leprosy, tapeworms, and salmonella.

Armadillos Can Be Dangerous To Pets

While armadillos are not aggressive by nature, any wild animal that feels threatened may lash out. Armadillos have sharp claws and DIY attempts to relocate armadillos often lead to deep cuts and bruises. Your family pet can also be harmed by the armadillo’s claws if it tries to catch or chase the armadillo.

Live Humane Trapping

Whenever an armadillo is spotted in an area, professionals should be quickly contacted to control and remove the animal. A professional, state-licensed technician will inspect your property and determine what level of armadillo infestation you’re experiencing. Once our technician has found the source of the infestation, they will customize a plan to rid your home, restaurant, or office of armadillos. Rather than euthanizing armadillos, we rescue and rehabilitate them over a 10 day quarantine period before re-releasing them into the wild. The process requires professional training and experience in order to remove the armadillo without causing any harm.

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