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At Pest Control Solutions we formulate a treatment plan specific to the type of roach currently on the premises. We are not a one spray fits all insects company. Our technicians are trained to identify the specific insect, then use the correct treatment to rectify the issue. The right treatment plan is dependent on the time of year and the foliage on the premises.

Types of Cockroaches Found in Our Area

American Cockroaches

American roaches are the largest of house infesting roaches at 2.5 inches in length. They are often called water bugs, palmetto bugs, and a few unmentionable expletives. American roaches have fully developed reddish brown wings with light markings on their pronotum, which some say look like eyes. The males wings extend 1/3 of an inch past their abdomen. females wings are just about even with their abdomen. It is more than likely that Christopher Columbus introduced this species to the new world in his travels from Europe. They are frequent fliers, but not very good directional fliers. Females live about 2 years and the males about 1 year.

Asian Cockroaches

Asian roaches are very similar to German roaches in size and color. They are very good fliers and live primarily outside in tall grass and heavy leaf litter. Unlike German Roaches, Asian Roaches are attracted to light and forage during the day time. One feature difference between German and Asian Roaches, is that Asian Roaches wings extend about 1/8 of an inch past their abdomens. Asian Roaches rarely infest homes, unless there are huge populations on the exterior.

Australian Cockroaches

Australian roaches are smaller than American roaches, but are often confused with them. They can be easily distinguished by a sliver of a gold marking on the edge of their wings. They can be about 1.5 to 2 inches in length, and can be found on the exterior in leaf litter. Australian Roaches will, however, still invade structures for more comfortable living conditions. They can readily fly, but are not good directional fliers. They live about 6-8 months.

German Cockroaches

There are 51 different species around the world, only 3 are found in the US. The German roach is 5/8 of an inch long and brown in color, with 2 dark longitudinal lines on the pronotum. The male has a more slender abdomen. They can live about 200 days. The female can produce 7 egg capsules off 1 breeding, and each one can contain up to 48 larvae per capsule. This roach is well traveled and lives inside structures, only being brought in threw appliances, boxes, furniture, and even on a persons clothing. They prefer dark tight spaces and have aversion to light. They are usually nocturnal, but can be seen during the day in places that have high populations. They have wings but do not fly.

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