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Squirrel Information

Squirrels are small rodents which are especially suited to climbing or burrowing, depending on the species. They have a wide-ranging diet including nuts, fruit, seeds, berries, insects, bark, bird seed, and vegetables. Squirrels don’t just eat the food they need at that moment, they stock up for the future, resulting in more damage to gardens. Squirrels take up residence in attics, under porches, crawl spaces, garages, sheds, fireplaces, trees, walls, and soffit holes.

Squirrels breed year-round, but peak breeding seasons are between July-September and December-February. The young stay in the nest for about six weeks after birth. After two months, squirrels live in family groups as they begin learning to forage for themselves. After ten months, the newly sexually mature adults are ready to repeat the cycle.

Squirrel Damage

It’s important that you get rid of squirrels before they start chewing through electrical wiring, drywall, PVC pipes, insulation, heating and air conditioning ducts, roof braces, and support beams – weakening the structure and causing fire hazards. Squirrel burrowing causes erosion, crop destruction, massive landscape damage and can undermine the integrity of building foundations.

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

  • Chew marks on home trim, attic struts, damaged wires, vents, and insulation
  • Gnaw marks on trees, garden fruits and vegetables
  • Squirrels feeding from bird feeders
  • Scratching, squeaking, thumping, and chewing sounds from your attic or walls
  • Dark, oblong droppings around your property or in your attic

Humane Squirrel Control & Removal

When nesting in homes, squirrels create a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It’s important to eradicate these pests quickly as soon as you detect their presence. Proper humane squirrels removal requires specialists who are highly trained to deal with the behavior and living patterns of squirrels. Squirrels often choose attics for the purpose of raising their babies. All too often, we see amateurs remove the mother, seal the attic space, and accidentally leave the babies to die and decay in the attic. Don’t let this be you! We have proven, effective, humane, and cost-efficient methods for dealing with squirrels. We practice squirrels exclusion, which is the humane way to trap and relocate an animal into its natural habitat. Your state-licensed technician will identify all the entry points and damage that the squirrels have caused by entering the structure and provide cost-effective solutions that prevent future pests from entering the home.

We offer squirrel removal services in Clearwater, Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Largo, Madeira Beach, North Redington Beach, Palm Harbor, St. Pete Beach, Tarpon Springs, Treasure Island and in other surrounding ares. Call us today!

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