gopher control

Gopher Information

Gophers have small eyes and ears, a blunt muzzle with large incisor teeth, a short stubby tail, and webbed front paws. Often confused with moles, pocket gophers get their name from external, fur-lined cheek pouches which they fill with nesting material and food. These burrowing rodents are well adapted to living underground, with developed strong forelegs and incredibly strong, curved claws which make them perfect for digging. They dig 2 types of tunnels: shallow tunnels up to 150 feet in length for foraging, and deeper tunnels for nesting. Extra dirt is kicked out in mounds of up to 1 or 2 feet. Pocket gophers burrow into lawns, gardens, pastures, and flowerbeds feeding on roots, tubers, garden plants, and tree roots. These tunnel systems ruin sprinkler irrigation systems, utility cables, and structural foundations.

Signs of Gropher Infestation

  • Small mounds of loose dirt
  • Patches of empty dirt in your lawn and flower beds
  • Loose or springy parts of your yard that indicate a raised water table
  • Trails of soil compaction

Gopher Control & Removal

Gophers are active and reclusive creatures that create a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It’s important to eradicate these burrowing pests quickly as soon as you detect their presence. If you are spending inordinate amounts of time dealing with gophers and other pest problems as you’re trying to keep your yard beautiful, it’s time to call in the experts. Let us manage your gopher problem and we’ll save you time, money, and stress. We have proven, effective and cost-efficient methods for pocket gopher control.

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