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Bed bugs are ectoparasites that feed exclusively on mammals and are 3/16 to 1/4 in length and 1/8 inch wide. They are broadly oval and flat brown after a blood meal. Nymphs are translucent. The males have appointed abdomen and the females are more rounded. After feeding they leave a trail of red to black spots of dried blood from their excrement.

Originally called bat bugs, they were brought out of the cave when man started building free standing structures. They have spread through out the world. Bed Bugs are nocturnal insects coming out at night to feed on their hosts. The females lay 2 eggs per day, for 100 days. Bed bugs can go up to a year without feeding. They they are very fast moving and very nomadic, traveling very well and harboring where their hosts are at rest.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

You can pick up bed bugs anywhere – visiting a friends house or them visiting you, at the bank, Dr’s office, work, movie theater, restaurants, clothing stores, used furniture and even new furniture. The use of heat, steam, chemicals, freezing and fumigation are all ways of treating for bed bugs.

Bed Bug Treatments

Whole Structure Treatment

Fumigating for bed bugs is the optimal treatment solution for whole structure treatment and has the benefit of eliminating other pests including termites at the same time. Fumigation penetrates the entire structure, including all the places bed bugs and termites hide. Fumigation works very well to reach any area that cannot be treated by traditional pesticides. This service is recommended for home and business owners who’d like to eliminate all pests in one service.

Local Treatment

Local spot treatment is a great option for bed bug infestations that are in their early stages or only found to be in one room of the house or structure. Local treatments are also recommended for hotels, apartment complexes or condominiums where the infestation is only found in one room or space or if moving multiple tenants may not be feasible for management.

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