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We are experts at safely trapping and relocating nuisance wildlife from the interior and exterior of your home.

Live Humane Wildlife Trapping, Removal & Exclusion

If you detect wildlife in or around your home, professionals should be quickly contacted to control and remove the animal. A professional, state-licensed technician will inspect your property and determine what level of wildlife infestation and / or damage you’re experiencing. Once our technician has determined the extent of the infestation, they will customize a plan to rid your home, restaurant, or office of wildlife and prevent them and other pest from returning. Rather than euthanizing wildlife, we rescue and rehabilitate animals over a 10 day quarantine period before re-releasing them into the wild. The process requires professional training and experience in order to remove the offending wildlife without causing any harm.


Armadillos are dark brown or grey, have a sharp sense of smell, armored shell, strong legs, and claws. They have long snouts, scaly tails, and teeth hidden in the backs of their mouths. Armadillos are found throughout Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco & Pinellas counties and cause lots of destruction to lawns and gardens as they root for grubs and insects to eat. These prolific burrowing pests can cause some serious damage to your lawn, sidewalks, driveway, foundation, underground wire, and piping – leading to massive repairs.


Birds deface surfaces, damage property, create slip and fall hazards with their droppings, and corrode concrete, metal, and paint. Once our technician has found the source of the infestation, they will customize a plan to rid your home, restaurant, or office of birds. Our bird abatement services focus on habitat modification include alterations to the structure to eliminate potential entry points, and installing bird spikes to eliminate roosting sites. We will work with you to find the bird abatement and exclusion solution that works for your property.


Gophers are active and reclusive creatures that create a lot of damage in a short amount of time. These burrowing rodents are well adapted to living underground, with developed strong forelegs and incredibly strong, curved claws which make them perfect for digging. Pocket gophers burrow into lawns, gardens, pastures, and flowerbeds feeding on roots, tubers, garden plants, and tree roots. These tunnel systems ruin sprinkler irrigation systems, utility cables, and structural foundations. We have proven, effective and cost-efficient methods for pocket gopher control.


Moles are a serious threat to any yard or garden damaging plants as they search for earthworms, beetles, grubs, ants, and cicadas. Raised tunnels, soft spots in the turf, molehills that resemble small soil volcanoes are all signs of mole activity on your property. Moles can become a problem on any property, but those located next to fields, parks, golf courses, or open areas are particularly prone to mole infestations.  Do-it-yourself mole control rarely works and can often be more damaging to the landscape than to the mole population. Without professional help, it’s very difficult to control the spread of these burrowing rodents.


Opossums are reclusive animals and are a vector for a number of dangerous diseases and parasites like tuberculosis, bed bugs, fleas, lice, and mites. Opossums inhabit open spaces under decks, hot tubs, sheds, crawlspaces, and other voids like attics where they can hide. They have a wide-ranging diet including insects, other smaller rodents, plants, pet food, garbage, snakes, birds, worms, chickens, nuts, fruit, and roots.  They will nest wherever there is an abundance of food and water. Opossums often choose attics for the purpose of raising their babies. We have proven, effective, humane, and cost-efficient methods for dealing with opossums.


Raccoons are medium-sized mammals with gray backs and white to pale gray stomachs. They are very aggressive and strong animals. It is dangerous for an untrained person to try and attempt to remove a raccoon from their property without the proper knowledge and training. Raccoons take up residence in attics, under porches, crawl spaces, garages, sheds, fireplace, trees, and walls. Raccoons cause a significant amount of damage to houses and other structures. Raccoons have no reservations about tearing holes in your roof or walls. Once inside, raccoons shred insulation materials to make a nest. After the nest is constructed, the raccoons will urinate and defecate within your attic to mark its territory. The longer the raccoons stay in the attic, the more damage will be done, sometimes costing the property owner upwards of thousands of dollars in repair and cleanup fees.


Snakes enter the home through gaps under doors, windows, holes in the attic, eaves, garage, shed walls, weatherstripping, or cracks in the foundation. The prefer places they cannot be seen like tall grass, overgrown gardens, shrubs or bushes, piles of leaves, wood, and bricks. There are 40+ species of non-venomous snakes in Florida including black racers, garden snakes, grass snakes, king snakes, and rat snakes. These snakes rarely pose a threat to children or your pets and should be left to slither away on their own. However, care must be taken with Florida’s 5 species of venomous snakes. If you cannot tell the difference between the two, leave the snake alone and contact us for identification and removal of the snake from your home. We’re happy to humanely remove the snake quickly and safely, so you can get back to your day-to-day.


Squirrels are small rodents which are especially suited to climbing or burrowing, depending on the species. Squirrels take up residence in attics, under porches, crawl spaces, garages, sheds, fireplaces, trees, walls, and soffit holes. It’s important that you get rid of squirrels before they start chewing through electrical wiring, drywall, PVC pipes, insulation, heating and air conditioning ducts, roof braces, and support beams – weakening the structure and causing fire hazards. Squirrel burrowing causes erosion, crop destruction, massive landscape damage and can undermine the integrity of building foundations.

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