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Fumigation has been a reliable treatment method for exterminating wood-destroying organisms such as Drywood termites and wood-boring pests for many years. It is the only method that will rid the entire structure of termites completely in one service. Tent fumigation is also commonly used for heavy bed bug and German roach infestations.

Treatment Inspection

Before fumigating your home or commercial property, our state-licensed technicians will complete a thorough inspection and make treatment recommendations based on their findings. If fumigation is the treatment option chosen, we will schedule it during a time where you or the occupants can be away from the property for a 48 hour period.

On the day fumigation begins, your property will be completely sealed and tented by our technicians. After inspecting the property and ensuring the structure is properly sealed, Vikane gas fumigant is pumped into the sealed structure for a 24 hour period. Vikane works by replacing the oxygen content in the structure. It penetrates walls and other areas traditional pesticides cannot reach. Once the 24 hour period ends, technicians will begin the careful process of removing the tent and unsealing the structure to allow airflow to return. Technicians will then inspect the structure before the occupants are invited back.

How Does Fumigation Work?

Fumigation is a thorough treatment that requires occupants to be out of the house for 48 hours. Some preparations will need to take place prior to service. We will give you a small checklist to complete that includes removing or sealing certain food items in your pantry as well as opening all doors within the structure and drawers and cabinets. We will make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the service and that all of your questions are answered prior to service.

Local treatment is a great option for small scale termite infestations or smaller budgets. It is often recommended if a structure has had a fumigation or heat treatment within the last five years. Localized spot treatment may also be a more practical option for commercial condos or apartment buildings. You will not need to leave the house for this treatment and preparations, if any, will be minimal.

Fumigation Pricing

The price of fumigation is determined by measuring the cubic footage of your home.

Local Treatments For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Fumigation is always our primary recommendation for controlling Drywood termites. However, in certain circumstances like apartment buildings, it is not feasible to treat the entire structure. In these instances, we offer local spot treatments for termites. Local treatment is a great option for small-scale termite infestations with shared walls. You will not need to leave the house for this treatment and preparations, if any, will be minimal.

Bora-Care Structural Treatments

Bora-Care is the fastest-growing termite pre-treatment available. This powerful, effective preventative termite treatment can be performed in a single trip and can easily be coordinated in new construction because we treat the structure, not the soil. Bora-Care kills termites, Carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, white rot, and brown cube rot fungi.

Bora-Care works by taking advantage of a unique feature in the biology of termites and other wood-boring pests. When ingested the pest becomes unable to extract nutrition from its food and starves to death. Bora-Care is a mineral salt and doesn’t break down over time. It remains in the wood for the life of the wood, providing up to 25 years of protection. By keeping the wood sealed or protected from moisture, as in the wall voids of a structure, you eliminate the need for retreatment. Bora-Care has shown no compatibility issues with any type of plumbing pipes, and will not corrode metal fasteners, fittings, or nails.

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