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Bees and yellowjackets can cause considerable damage by building a honeycomb in your wall void. You may notice many bees flying in and out of a small crack or hole on the outside of your home. You may also notice a yellow dripping substance (honey) on the interior of your wall.

Don’t Lock Stinging Pests In

Stinging insects rarely reuse the same nest year after year. Homeowners often seal up exterior entry points that stinging pests use for their nests. Once trapped, the nest of bees, hornets, and wasps find alternate ways of exiting the treated area, typically into the home.

Bee Hive Removal

We provide a one-time service to remove the honeycomb and bees from your soffit, roof, or wall void. After treatment, a residual treatment will be applied to prevent foraging bees from returning to the site. A general contractor may be needed to repair the affected area after the removal of the honeycomb depending on the size and location.

Service Area

Pest Control Solutions & Services offers bee and wasp removal services in Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor. Tarpon Springs, and other surrounding areas. Reach out today!

Types of Bees Found in Our Area

Africanized Bees

Africanized honey bees or hybridized bees are often referred to as killer bees due to their aggressive behavior. They look the same as honey bees, but they are very protective of their hive and will defend it in large numbers if they feel threatened. They can be provoked by loud noises and certain smells like barbecues, fires, smoke, and even the breath of mammals. Although bees die after they sting, Africanized honey bees swarm their victims in such large numbers that multiple stings can be fatal.

Miner Bees

Also known as digger bees, these bees burrow into the ground to nest. Unlike honey bees, miner bees are solitary and do not live in colonies but often nest in previously exisiting animal holes. Ground bees come in different sizes and shades of color. The largest species is about the size of a honey bee but is furrier and darker than a honey bee. You may also see miner bees that are metallic green or have bright stripes.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees get their name from the small holes they bore into wood to create their nests. These bees are usually found in small numbers and while they don’t typically pose a problem for people, they can cause damage to fences, wood posts, eaves, and decks.


Mud daubers, yellow jackets, and other wasps can pose a health concern around the home. Unlike a bee’s barbed stinger, wasps have a smooth stinger which allows them to sting many times when they feel threatened.

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