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Are you looking for flea control services in Tarpon Springs?

If you start to notice itchy bites on your skin and your pets begin to behave erratically, there’s a good chance your home is infested with fleas. These tiny parasites may arrive on your Tarpon Springs property by hiding in your shoes, your pet’s fur or the fur of wild animals like mice.

Flea infestations tend to escalate quickly because fleas lay 20 eggs at a time and these eggs may hatch in just two days. However, flea eggs can also wait a year before hatching, which makes these pests incredibly difficult to fully eliminate. If you want to put a permanent end to a flea infestation in your Tarpon Springs home, seek help from a reliable flea control company.

Flawless Flea Control

If you discover a flea infestation in your Tarpon Springs household, Pest Control Solutions & Services will dispatch our flea control experts to determine how far the parasites have spread. After we’ve ascertained which parts of your property are infested, our technicians will utilize highly effective flea control treatments to purge fleas from both the interior and the exterior of your home.

We’re happy to provide either a single flea control application or a recurring treatment to our clients. Our one-time application is warrantied for 90 days. If you’d prefer to play it safe with our year-round flea control services, our specialists will make several rounds of applications to your Tarpon Springs residence.

The Most Effective Flea Control Services in Tarpon Springs

Never let an outbreak of fleas cause chaos in your home. Reach out to Pest Control Solutions & Services today for professional flea control services in the Tarpon Springs area!

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