Norway rat in the garden between grass blades

Rat Control & Removal in Tarpon Springs, FL

Do you require rat control services in Tarpon Springs?

Rats are persistent pests that can cause severe damage to your house in Tarpon Springs. Rodents are always gnawing on things to file down their teeth, and this can include your insulation, drywall, soffits and more. Rats are even known to chew through wiring, which can result in loss of power and electrical fires.

Rats will also leave trails of urine and piles of feces all over your Tarpon Springs home. Their droppings and their bites can both lead to disease, and they commonly carry smaller pests which can spread illnesses as well.

If rats have taken up residence in your Tarpon Springs home, you’ll want to evict them immediately before they become a real menace. Allow us to step in.

Rapid Rat Removal

Pest Control Solutions & Services has plenty of experience with rat removal and exclusion in the greater Tarpon Springs area. Our specialists will come out to your home and track down every possible rodent entry point. Rats can slip in through any hole that’s quarter-sized or bigger, and we’ll plug up every one to exclude the vermin from your residence.

After we’ve ensured no further rats can invade your Tarpon Springs home, we’ll deal with those still lurking inside. Our technicians will use expertly placed traps to remove all of the rats in a timely fashion.

Once the rats have been removed, our crew can position bait boxes around the perimeter of your home to get rid of any rats marauding outside. Using these treatments can prevent rats from overpopulating your Tarpon Springs neighborhood and decrease their need to enter homes.

Expert Rat Control Services in Tarpon Springs

If a horde of rats invades your house, they can cause lots of structural damage and put you at risk of disease. Reach out to Pest Control Solutions & Services today for professional rat removal treatment services in the Tarpon Springs area!

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