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Rodent Control in Treasure Island, FL

Do you need rodent control services for your home in Treasure Island?

If you hear squeaking and scratching coming from your walls, rodents have almost certainly infiltrated your home in Treasure Island. Mice and rats are a destructive household nuisance that will destroy everything from attic insulation to electrical wires. They’re also spreaders of some very dangerous diseases and parasites, like hantavirus and roundworms.

You might want to end a rodent infestation yourself but you’ll be in for a tough time, as rats and mice breed quickly and evade conventional traps. You’ll need to bring in a rodent control company to thoroughly rid your Treasure Island house of all pests.

Professional Control for Rats & Mice

If you find evidence of mice or rats living in your home in Treasure Island, Pest Control Solutions & Services will inspect your property to determine what kind of rodents you have and how they’re getting in and out. Our specialists will proceed to conduct rodent exclusion, barring further access to your home by sealing off any vulnerabilities.

Then, we’ll place baited traps throughout rodent-trafficked areas of your Treasure Island home to quickly eliminate all rats or mice. To prevent your rodent issues from returning, we’re able to position bait boxes along the exterior of your house.

Treasure Island’s Top Rodent Removal Company

Your home won’t be safe or sanitary as long as rodents are crawling in the walls. Give Pest Control Solutions & Services a call today for the best rodent removal and control services in the Treasure Island area!

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