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Drywood Termite Control in Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Are you in need of drywood termite control services in Indian Rocks Beach?

Drywood termites can cause massive damage to houses in Indian Rocks Beach by feeding on the cellulose inside of wooden structures, gradually hollowing them out. If you’re afraid you have a termite infestation or you want to keep one from occurring, call up a reputable local termite control company.

The Best Termite Fumigation

When your house in Indian Rocks Beach has fallen victim to a massive drywood termite infestation, fumigation is the only viable solution. Pest Control Solutions & Services will inspect your property to decide if your problem is big enough to necessitate fumigation. If we do move forward with our fumigation services, we’ll need you to leave your home for two full days.

After you’re out, our licensed exterminators will tent your home and pump it full of Vikane gas, which penetrates deeply into walls and kills every drywood termite within. As soon as we’ve finished fumigating, our team will ensure that the termites are all dead so that you can return to your house.

If you’re dealing with a termite infestation inside an apartment in Indian Rocks Beach or your infestation is confined to a single room, our specialists can solve your problem with local preventative treatments. We apply Bora-Care, a structural treatment which will exterminate all drywood termites that ingest it.

The Tampa Bay Area’s Ultimate Termite Control

When termites infest your house, it’s critical to have them professionally eliminated before they cause irreplaceable damage. Contact Pest Control Solutions & Services today for the most effective termite control and fumigation services in the Indian Rocks Beach area!

More information about termites and termite protection is available by calling 1-800-HELP FLA (435-7352) or 1-800 FL AYUDA (352-9832).

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